Be still

the stillness of Ryan Keebaugh

Stop, be still, and listen.

Ryan Keebaugh's “innovative and hauntingly beautiful” music has been praised for its "gorgeous canvases of sacred minimalism" and has established him as a prominent composer and collaborator of his generation.

Ryan and I are to collaborate on future projects, including the podcast. I’ll be sure to share more news with you here as it happens.

Ryan’s musical hero is also my own hero of holy minimalism, the composer Arvo Pärt, a master of silence, stillness, rendering the divine into choral and orchestral works. I’ll share more about holy minimalism, and the work of Keebaugh, Pärt and their contemporaries, in a future post here.

Find out more about Ryan’s work and listen to more of his music, visit his website at

Stop, be still, and listen.

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